Developing Leaders


Accelerate is a three-year program that combines corporate mentoring and financial relief to generate change for students from low socio-economic backgrounds. It targets high-potential students whose disadvantage impacts their ability to pursue tertiary pathways. The program spans Years 11 and 12 and the first year of further education, employment or training. More information can be found under Foundation.

Focus and Focus2

The Focus and Focus2 programs provide young women from high-needs schools with the essential leadership skills they need to engage in a successful, meaningful career. Female executive role models mentor the students in small groups to develop their skills and build their confidence, encouraging them to aspire to senior roles in business and the community. Participants may already be holding leadership positions or are about to enter into leadership positions in their schools.


GOALS  is a one-on-one mentoring program designed to raise the aspirations of students in their middle year of high school. The aim is to broaden awareness of the personal, educational and vocational choices available, maintain student engagement at school and encourage the completion of Year 12 and further tertiary study. Students are matched with a corporate mentor in sessions that include setting goals, communication, managing finances and preparation for the workforce.

Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning 365体育足球比分(PiL) supports business and educational leaders by linking them together to share experiences and expertise, solve problems and explore leadership challenges. The focus is to enhance professional growth in a mutually beneficial, co-mentoring relationship. It provides both leadership support for school principals beyond the education environment and the opportunity for business leaders to make a significant contribution to a school and the broader community.