365体育足球比分Our team at the Australian Business and Community Network:

Name Position
Allegra Spender Chief Executive
Greg George Regional Manager
Rachel Walker Foundation Manager
Carolyn Bruce Head of Corporate Partnerships
Rose-Anne Manns Communications Manager
Peta Magick  Program Development Manager 
Rebecca Edwards Corporate Partnerships Manager
Gerry Meleady  Operations Manager
Amy Weaver Digital Programs Manager
Jaimee Kindt Grant Project Manager
Ola Radka NSW Program Manager
Biba Honnet NSW Program Manager
Maree Drury NSW Program Manager
Becky Robertson NSW Program Manager 
Karoline Simonovski NSW and ACT Program Manager
Samantha Tan NSW Program Manager
Heather Smith QLD State Manager
Alison Blacker QLD Program Manager
Sarah Seminutin QLD Program Manager
Cathy Torjul  SA State Manager 
Vanessa Aitken VIC Program Manager
Louise Manka VIC Program Manager
Catherine Morris VIC Program Manager
Katie Pinchas VIC Program Manager
Tiffany Edwards WA State Manager
Anneliese Bennett WA Program Coordinator
Sharon Akapi Administrative Support
Josie McElvogue Communications Coordinator